Contact & Frequently Asked Questions
  • Any billing questions/forgot password and billing related customer support click here and select the customer support button.
  • Do you have any suggestions, questions, ideas or broken links to report?  We are always interested in hearing from our members on things they would like to see more.  Contact us at  Take note that this is a webmaster email, not Alexa's personal one.
  • Take note that we do not shoot photo or video of pissing, torture, piercing, and general disrespect of Alexa (and never will!)
  • Can I email Alexa directly?

Yes, her email is available in the members section.  She replies to all her members emails, and there is a special section where she posts some of her most popular questions.

  • Do I need to have a broadband connection?

No, but recommended.  All videos are made into individual clips 10-35 megabytes in size, so they are realistically downloadable for slower connections.  

  • Is there a special video codec you use for the videos?

Yes, the DivX video format, but easy to set up (available in members section).  It allows for high quality video without increasing bandwidth.  If you are running under Windows, there is a even higher ultra-quality resolution 640x480 size video under windows media 9.  Achieving the best quality possible, MPEG does not do the videos credit, and blurs the video too much.  So we feel to see the details as best as possible on the net, the use of DivX and WMV is the key.

  • Are the videos downloadable?

Yes.  In the members section we recommend you saving the videos to your hard drive so you can view them anytime you wish without having to be online.

  • Do you add music to your videos?

No way.  Its cheezy and lame.  You only hear the model and the background.  We are not sure why others keep editing music in their members' videos, but we don't do it here.

  • What will is show on my credit card statement if I sign up?

To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as on your credit card statement.

  • Can I post any of these photos or videos?

Yes, with permission.  As long as the copyright labels & hyperlinks are kept on images and videos.

  • Do you airbrush or modify your photos?

The beauty of the Photographers' skill is how his pictures do not need modification.  Along with an attractive model like Alexa, most of the photos are posted without any airbrushing or color changes.  The images are as they were directly from the negatives.

  • What are some of the equipment used for the photo/video?

Photos are taken with 35 mm Nikon F4 camera, and a digital Nikon D100.  Though the photographer prefers the 35mm with Kodak Portra Film -- quality images cannot be derived from digital cameras yet (at least according to our Professional Photographer).  Eg. Playboy or Perfect 10 do not use digital cameras.   Our video camera is the Canon GL2, which will allow us to make quality DVD movies for sale in the future

  • Do you sell VHS or DVD videos to members?

Alexa's videos will come in VHS and DVD for sale in mid-2004.

  • I noticed you don't have pop-up banners and other irritating things?

Yep, they suck.  Our quality site stands on its own.  If a browser doesn't like what they see, popups will not keep them from coming back.

  • Is there a minimum system requirement to watch the videos?

The DivX and WMV both are the latest codecs, and at the higher resolution videos it is recommended to have a 400mhz system or higher.

  • Is there a daily download limit to your site?

No, you can download as much as you want.

  • Is Alexa Really Hot?

What.... art thou blind?

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