My Name Is Alexandria, or Alexa for short.  I am Spanish-Egyptian, born in California though, now living in Phoenix, Arizona.  My measurements are 34D-25-35, 5'2" tall, and I'm 18 years old
Members are always free to contact me with any questions they have to my personal email!
Here's My 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions Below!
Do you like to travel?  It looks like a lot of pictures are taken in exotic places.
Sure, I am using the money I get from this website to pay for college and travel more. Just recently I shot in Hawaii for this website, I loved the beach.  We shot pretty much in every scenic place we could find, and I got naked, sometimes even with people around!  
Why pose naked for a website for the whole world to see?
Well its my very own website, its done nicely and tastefully, and I've never been shy about my figure or nudity. Especially since I've grown to learn more about how attractive my figure is to men.  In a sense, the more I pose the more comfortable I have become with my body.
So are your breasts real?
Yessir!  People always ask me this question.  First I thought every girl had breasts like mine, until I got older and realized that I was gifted a very large firm set that most girls dream of having.  They have been growing since I was 14, and are still getting bigger and firmer.  They are D-cups now!
Do you like Sex? & with girls?

Yes of course, but who doesn't?  But honestly I have just started experiencing sex, so it gets better as I get older.  I lost my virginity only a year ago!

I am attracted to some hot exotic women, but I've never been with a girl.  Maybe one day if I find the right one, I'll do a video with her!

Are you very sexual and wet?
Strange questions guys ask, but yes, especially my ex-boyfriend told me that I seem to be perpetually wet all the time.  In my photos the photographer catches occasional closeups of me (leaking?) down there.  Anyways I discovered recently that I can squirt when I orgasm and you will see that in my some of my masturbating videos.
Do you have any piercing or tattoos?
No I have no tattoos, I think they are ugly and unfeminine on a woman's' body.  A lot of my friends have them though.  You usually regret having them on your body when you get older anyways.  I have one special piercing on my tongue though, and had my belly pierced when I was younger but its off now.
Do you have a professional makeup in your shoots?  Do you like to dress up, and do you have pretty feet?

No, just some lipstick and eye makeup I do myself.  All my facial features are full and exotic enough that I dont need more definition with makeup.  So you get the real me on my photos.  Also, they do very little touching up of my pics.

I love sexy shoes and classy dresses, and you'll see a lot of me in sexy clothes and modern fashion.  I am too short to be a fashion model but like to pose anyways!  No stripper outfit stuff here though.

My feet are always nicely manicured and people say I have pretty feet, so there is a lot of foot fetish stuff on my site and I wear a lot of strappy shoes.

Do you wear bras & panties?
I've never had any use for bras, my breasts hang so firmly they don't even jiggle much when I run.  Guys go crazy if my nipple shows though, so I have to be careful.  
I wear panties, but in my photoshoots its a lot easier to show off my private parts when the panties come off, so most of my photos are panty-free!
Do you exercise and take care of yourself?
Yes, I go jogging almost daily, though my breasts sometimes get in the way!    I eat healthy, and don't do any drugs.  I don't smoke or drink either.  It doesn't mean I'm a prude though, I enjoy sex and it is its own natural high!   (Masturbating when you have no guy around is a good alternative too).
Are you a good girl or bad girl?
Well I think I'm a good girl, but I guess it depends on whose perspective.  Sign up to my website and visit my members' section to find out! 
Also, in the Members' section you will get to know a lot more about me, and email me personally if you like.  There is a very intimate Alexandria to see and enjoy!

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